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I want to open up the way for you to understand that my Movie Option Book which has a prologue by my brother, Robert Van Everett has great similarity in tone to, "Grapes of Wrath," and it is written in the manner people expect from me--Within the sheer reality of which all information is born, so it contains a great deal of face, and the historic portion of the loss Agrarian Appalachia had to suffer in mid century which tore our small towns apart leaving empty store fronts, to this day leaves those who lived that country life feeling homeless at times., The blatant truth of sadness in the lives of women and girls echoes into this day, for we were servants to our family, servants in the community, and all at the lowest pay possible. Poverty has always bequeathed a servant class, and souls are able to work with some pride for others until we get out in to the world and realize that we were pathetically used. Not only that, but our Christian brothers and sisters too often failed to open their hearts, for it is as if we were dirty, and our being without was catching--So the only refuge would turn out to be some angel under a hill who realized our fathers had to go north to feed us, and some mothers, my mother was so overwhelmed in her own unspeakable hidden life that children became the parent except to acquiesce if it was time to be whipped--Hard, as if this, in itself eased off her pain. We honored her, for she was nothing to any one but to us. The families who were part of the northern diaspora and who all left still have generations to this day lost in cities where they have never found home. "I call you, said the great fields turned over with new earth," and it is a voice which resounds every spring when it would be time to plant or in the autumn when it is time to gather. People have forgotten the independence, and "Lords," those kings of alcohol, who cook the meth, or who violate the pure girls--These are new sounds, horrible sounds, and they will remain. My mother said, "The world is coming to an end," and she was afraid... It may be, for Revelations, the book of all horrors has told us what would come to pass. We need the loving Deity though, the one who will return, and let us all hear the words of the good mother, "Fear Not." Many Civilizations have come and gone before, but for the sake of the old friends and the loved ones, "Then I want them to rise up first in the sky." I hear the songs of the angels, and their beautiful wings are floating on the sky. Others only see Holocaust, spaceships, wild eyed and scary monsters spearing us in to hell's fire--"Oh, the Holocaust, you say?" I do not know, but I want to fly away with pretty angels, gather pink honeysuckle vines, lay them at the untouchable's feet--That day, I will know for certain what is heaven and what is hell. In The Bible Belt of my youth I asked no questions, and why should I have, for everyone had an answer who was larger and stronger. "Pinkhoneysuckle," I drink your nectar, and we girls knew for certain we would find you in the next spring--On you I can rely, and we became the wedding march up the hill, and you were the day of rapture when our mother shined like the sun.

"Pinkhoneysuckle," Barbara Everett Heintz, Amazon, Kindle, Create Space

I wrote out an entire blog on, "Pinkhoneysuckle," on this very site two minutes ago, and now it has disappeared, so in brevity--My book is not a single genre'.  The Historical events which took place mid-century which tore so many of our Appalachian farmers from homes and the fields to go by truck and car load to the Great Lakes states came in the middle of Civil Rights when we Caucasian children were excluded from the pictures of kids with cotton sacks.  The NAACP over ruled Dr. King who wanted to show that poverty was the sin, and the color barrier was just part of the evil.  We mid-Atlantic folks were not out there on the bridge at Selma, and we were no part of any clan, for we believed a day of reckoning was coming when all people would answer to a higher power for how they were treated before a Gracious God.


In years to come, I would wonder how much fun was made of people who called on faith when we were hungry.  There were no church deliveries of food to our homes, nor toys, and we praised and thanked our neighbor and God for every recycled piece of clothing given un to us.  Our angels were Mrs. Hannah who saw to it we got a holiday meal when Mama took to her bed, and Ms. Marie Mason who saw we got our shots in Huntland, and Mr. and Mrs. Larkin who told me that I would be some body.  One of 8 children, we all broke in to the chains of poverty, and our parents would leave this world knowing their children had accomplished in many fields, not just my nursing degree from a University; No there was government work we made in roads in to, a monument in Normandy, Machinist, Factory executives for PPG, Public School Workers, and the grandchildren who would crack open the gates of places like Harvard.


Right now, I have signed a Movie Option for, "Pinkhoneysuckle," and I do not want to forget my brother, Robert V. Everett who wrote the prologue of my book to let you know just how far down the USA went to tear people from their homes and crops to get them north to the factories.


My book is about coming of age, and it tells of horrors of children facing molestation, of gross attack on an innocent girl's body, and of what you do and how vulnerable you are when you believe you are the last virgin on earth.  We did not know about chemical and physiological aspects of our bodies and how sex was not among the sins selected by us as our first choice of sins to commit.  When you have been taught zero, then you become a target.  All eventually leads to Romance, and it is made more difficult when one has an almost photographic memory for events, for I believed no one ever forgot or took for granted their time with each other.


Knocking at the door of the Bible Belt, you may for the first time note how so many religions took names, so many names, although the Bible asked us to be one body, one blood, but often one verse from a lesser known Bible chapter could be selected as the way of creating an entirely different form of worship.  I would expect that you are apt to prefer when my brother was throwing song books at the preacher and saying what all children really wanted, "Shut Up," or James would some times decide to sing over the boring sermons.  Later I would learn some preachers went to college to study, but bless those who believed and who tried to save souls, for theirs was a rich call.


Hen House conversion was one of the more ackward places of conversion, but God can talk to us anywhere and at any time.  Mama said snakes could walk up right, and I lived a life filled with fear of the here after.


My most recent book to purchase is, Gerald Griffin's, "Of Good and Evil."  Gerry is a retired psychologist who has written before, but this is a breakout book, so search it out on Amazon, for you are going to get mystery and romance, and some folks whose behavior might be called thrilling, or, "Would I be better off nixed by the Mafia."  I want to share the news of Robert Pickles greatest book, his 20 year researched WW 1 novel where, "The Coming Home,Our Darlin' Boys tell you their own story through letters and Post Cards.  I find both of these writers to grasp one somewhere deep within, and when finished with their books, I know that the reviews I write will be with a heart which flutters, for each takes humanity in a sweet and beautiful form and sheds life in the light and the dark places.


You never know when I'll get to sending out some free books with some love attached.  This is my first use of this service, and I am walking on air to have a new gate of distribution.  Blessings, Barbara Everett Heintz